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5 Yogurt Buying Tips

May 3, 2015
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Yogurt is one of the items that gets a lot of ingredient list and label reading.  And for good reason.  I compiled these top tips for you to use the next time you go grocery shopping.

  1. Don’t assume plain or organic yogurts do not contain food additives : Analysis of 60% of the plain yogurts in US grocery stores today contained Pectin, including pricey organic varieties.
  2. Watch out for fortification tricks: Yogurt manufacturers game recommended daily % values with fortification.  Yogurt is no exception.  35% of the yogurts were fortified with Vitamin A or D.
  3. Avoid yogurts with emulsifiers: 25% of plain yogurts in US grocery stores contained guar gum, xanthan, locust gum or corn starch.  These emulsifiers are unnecessary and usually are accompanied by longer ingredient lists as well as other food additives.
  4. Make sure the dairy yogurt you are buying has milk: 5% of the yogurts in US grocery stores do not list milk on their ingredient lists.  Instead they contain whey, milk powder, or other powered products in place of milk.
  5. Make sure you’re not just buying water.  Some yogurts are more water than milk.   yogurt listed Water as its first ingredient, sugar as its second and milk as its 6th ingredient


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