Why I started Get Foodwise

March 25, 2015

Hi.  Welcome to Get Foodwise!

I’m Katie.  I started this blog because friends and family always asked me about food products, food ingredients, and whether they should eat a certain product or ingredient.   I have always been fascinated by how food is made, and I’ve spent the majority of my career working in the food and agriculture industries.

However, when I married and became a mother my “routine” upended to accommodate my husband’s and son’s needs and tastes.  As I started confronting a whole new set of food decisions for my family- Is it “ok” to buy Kraft Mac and Cheese?  Should I buy organic Mac and Cheese?  Should I just make home made Mac and Cheese?-I was reminded how time consuming and painful it is to navigate some of these decisions and food packaging and labels certainly do not help bring clarity.

Sure there are rules we are told to follow such as shop the perimeter of the store, only buy products with ingredients you can pronounce, only buy products with 5 ingredients or less, etc., but day to day life often gets in the way of these.

Get Foodwise is my attempt to bring some clarity to these topics.  I am committed to sharing with you my views and experiences backed by as much data and transparency as possible in the hopes it helps you with your food decision making.  I am not going to tell you what to do.  Food is personal.  Instead, my goal is to help you learn more about and understand the food ingredients and products you are eating so you can answer the question “Should I eat this or not?”

Happy reading!



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