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Why I love Whole Foods 365’s Almond Butter

April 15, 2015
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I fell into a marketing trap

Confession. I completely and totally succumbed to the packaging and marketing of Justin’s, a very successful boutique nut butter brand about two years ago.

As our son was getting older and more open to protein choices, and as I started making more smoothies, I was buying a lot of almond butter. I’m not sure if the price point of this boutique brand, work on Foodwise, or something else prompted me to take a look at the ingredient list again, but one day, last year, I did.


The ingredients on Justin’s label were all on my “ok to buy/eat” list, however, I wondered about why this almond butter had additional oil.  Was this really necessary? So I started picking up all the other almond butters and reading the ingredient lists.

Win. Win.

And what I found was fascinating to me as a consumer and person who studies the CPG/Retail food ecosystem. The only brand that contained 1 ingredient, which was almonds, was the Whole Foods 365 brand….It was also the cheapest product by almost half!

365 almond butter


The interesting thing, time and time again, as I’ve started to compare the Whole Foods 365 brand against other branded offerings, this pattern keeps occurring in some form.

Now, it is by no means universal, but if you care about eating the least ingredients possible and price is a concern, why wouldn’t you take the time to compare?  For almond butter, it certainly paid off.  (pun intended:))

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