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MSG, Real Fruit Juice and Other Tricks in Our Food

May 4, 2015
Ingredients + Tips

There  are many loopholes in the regulation of food additives in the US.  These gray areas enable food manufacturers to trick us in claims and with food labels.

Use this list as a reference to make sure you are not falling into these top traps.

  1. “Real Fruit Juice”: Colorings and flavors are added to beverages to lead consumers to believe they are buying real fruit juice when in reality they are buying a beverage with lots of added chemicals
  2. Fortified Junk Food: Vitamins and minerals are added to junk food to enable higher daily value percentages and front of package claims making the junk food appear “more healthy”
  3. Where’s the beef?: MSG and hydrolyzed vegetable protein provide meat flavor to products with little to no meat and transglutaminase works as a glue to bind small pieces of meat into larger offerings
  4. Wild impersonation: Carotenoid colorings such as canthaxanthin and astaxanthin are added to farm raised salmon to make it mimic the color of wild salmon
  5. Mock Fruit: A mixture of colorings, flavorings, fat and thickening agents can imitate berries and other fruits
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