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Are the grocery delivery services worth it?

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January 3, 2016
I cringe every time I read articles claiming grocery delivery is disrupting food. However, given I live in the nation’s start-up hot bed-the San Francisco Bay area-I decided to give in to curiosity and see whether grocery delivery services were worth it.   Our grocery situation is complicated In any given month we typically visit Read More ›

10 Dirty Secrets about Food Labels

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June 12, 2015
Lists + Tips
Some of these are commonly known, while others are less publicly discussed. #1 and #2 really astound me. Read More ›

If you’re not careful, organic food labels can convince you to make bad decisions

organic junk food
June 10, 2015
Ingredients + Tips
We’ve all done it. Found a hack or shortcut to help us make easier decisions. According to researchers at Cornell University, the average person makes 226.7 decisions about food a day, so can we really blame ourselves?   Organic Food is Mainstream     Organic food sales in 2014 were $32 Billion and at 11% year over Read More ›

MSG, Real Fruit Juice and Other Tricks in Our Food

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May 4, 2015
Ingredients + Tips
There  are many loopholes in the regulation of food additives in the US.  These gray areas enable food manufacturers to trick us in claims and with food labels. Use this list as a reference to make sure you are not falling into these top traps. “Real Fruit Juice”: Colorings and flavors are added to beverages Read More ›

7 Common Sugar Synonyms

sugar synonyms
May 2, 2015
Sugar is sugar, but it doesn’t always go by the name sugar on food labels.  This is on purpose. Food companies have gotten smart and developed a range of ways to mask the presence of sugar in processed foods. When looking at ingredient lists, make sure to search for these top 7 sugar synonyms: Agave Read More ›

Why I love Whole Foods 365’s Almond Butter

whole foods
April 15, 2015
Ingredients + Nut butter + Products + Tips
I fell into a marketing trap Confession. I completely and totally succumbed to the packaging and marketing of Justin’s, a very successful boutique nut butter brand about two years ago. As our son was getting older and more open to protein choices, and as I started making more smoothies, I was buying a lot of almond butter. I’m Read More ›

Carrageenan: Why I avoid this organic ingredient

March 26, 2015
Ingredients + Tips
What is it anyways? Carrageenan is used in a range of products that can claim natural and organic because it is an ingredient derived from seaweed.   And just because you are shopping in Whole Foods or buying organic, you’re not necessarily avoiding carrageenan. How I found out about it Although I smile and my friends say I Read More ›