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Why I buy Siggi’s Vanilla Yogurt

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June 16, 2015
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Pull any yogurt off the shelf wherever you shop for food (yes, including Whole Foods) and the range of sugar will astound you.  How do you find one that tastes good and is “good” for you? The Data I dug into over 2,741 yogurt and yogurt products to write my earlier yogurt posts about Plain, Greek Read More ›

5 Yogurt Buying Tips

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May 3, 2015
Ingredients + Products + Yogurt
Yogurt is one of the items that gets a lot of ingredient list and label reading.  And for good reason.  I compiled these top tips for you to use the next time you go grocery shopping. Don’t assume plain or organic yogurts do not contain food additives : Analysis of 60% of the plain yogurts in US Read More ›

What I learned from analyzing 1858 Flavored Yogurts

April 20, 2015
Ingredients + Yogurt
Yogurt has a millennial-long association with healthiness, but in the US, flavors challenge yogurt’s true healthiness.   Yogurt’s Healthy History Yogurt is often described as the oldest processed food because its origin traces back to The Neolithic Era of The Stone Age. Genghis Khan reportedly gave his warriors yogurt to instill strength and bravery in the 12th C Read More ›

Does Pectin in Yogurt Matter?

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April 18, 2015
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Half and Half You have almost a 50/50 chance of buying yogurt with Pectin in it. And, just because you buy “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean your yogurt is “pectin-free.”   Analysis of ~ 1600 yogurts turned up this breakdown of yogurts with and without Pectin:   Read More ›

Is Greek Yogurt Really Better?

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April 12, 2015
Why Greek is synonymous with a Healthy Diet Greek yogurt has done a good job of marketing itself as a “super food.” It also fits in nicely with the US populations’ affinity for protein and Paleo diets due to its high protein, low sugar perception.   Greek’s Commercial Success is Insane Greek yogurt’s success is most Read More ›

Plain Yogurt Not So Plain

April 6, 2015
Reading ingredient lists on even plain yogurt is worthwhile In all my conversations about food labels, by far, one of the categories where people check nutrition and ingredient labels the most is yogurt. Turns out, it is worthwhile time spent.     Read More ›