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Why I love Whole Foods 365’s Almond Butter

whole foods
April 15, 2015
Ingredients + Nut butter + Products + Tips
I fell into a marketing trap Confession. I completely and totally succumbed to the packaging and marketing of Justin’s, a very successful boutique nut butter brand about two years ago. As our son was getting older and more open to protein choices, and as I started making more smoothies, I was buying a lot of almond butter. I’m Read More ›

Is Greek Yogurt Really Better?

greek yogurts
April 12, 2015
Why Greek is synonymous with a Healthy Diet Greek yogurt has done a good job of marketing itself as a “super food.” It also fits in nicely with the US populations’ affinity for protein and Paleo diets due to its high protein, low sugar perception.   Greek’s Commercial Success is Insane Greek yogurt’s success is most Read More ›

Plain Yogurt Not So Plain

April 6, 2015
Reading ingredient lists on even plain yogurt is worthwhile In all my conversations about food labels, by far, one of the categories where people check nutrition and ingredient labels the most is yogurt. Turns out, it is worthwhile time spent.     Read More ›

Peanut Butter usually with added salt, sugar and oil

pb on knife
March 29, 2015
Ingredients + Products
Why you have to read the ingredient list on nut butters Did you know over 80% of the time, peanut butter has more than just peanuts listed on its ingredient list?  Before I really got into what was in my food, and started reading ingredient lists, I naively assumed peanut butter on the shelf was Read More ›