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Do Junk Food Ads Impact your Household?

kids tv ads
May 27, 2015
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On average children view 4000 Junk Food Ads Every Year influencing food preference and perceptions. Commercial Viewing Linked to Junk Food Consumption Research continues to prove a strong correlation between marketing of non-nutritious foods to children and their consumption.  A study by the University of Michigan shows children who regularly watched television commercials consumed more junk food than Read More ›

What I learned analyzing 3023 Cereals

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May 19, 2015
On the decline as America’s go-to breakfast food since the 1990s, cereal isn’t necessarily the healthiest option anyways   Cereal averages 19.2 ingredients! With an entire aisle often devoted to it, cereal provides us lots of options.  So many in fact that today an average cereal for sale in the grocery store contains from 1-61 ingredients!   Number Read More ›