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What I learned from analyzing 746 Buns & Rolls

burgers and buns
May 12, 2015
If you eat buns or rolls with your hot dogs, hamburgers or other BBQ treats, you are likely eating extra ingredients, including sugar.   Grill Time Memorial Day weekend is synonymous with outdoor bbqs. Usually the protein often commands much of our attention and discussion and the buns and rolls are an after thought if Read More ›

White or Wheat Bread?

white vs wheat
May 10, 2015
Wheat or White? This is the question a waitress asks you order a breakfast dish that includes toast. This is the decision you make in the grocery store about what to use for your kids sandwiches.  What should you do?   A fascinating article in the Washington Post recently examined sales data in the bread Read More ›

What I learned from Analyzing 832 Wheat Bread Products

April 30, 2015
Bread + Products
“Wheat’s” in a name?  Turns out a lot of nuance.   Adjectives are important Whole Wheat has a strong association with healthiness. However, the adjectives used to describe Wheat -100%, Cracked, Whole, Stoneground, etc.- can mislead us into thinking the product has more health punch than it does.   Naming rules exist, but there are loopholes.  For example, Stoneground Read More ›

With 22.5 ingredients on average, do you know what’s in your bread?

April 26, 2015
Bread + Products
Bread at the grocery store is full of ingredients that make it softer, prettier and live longer on the shelf.   What’s in Bread? Whether you love it or avoid it, bread is a diet staple around the world. However, the majority of bread in US grocery stores includes many ingredients manufacturers include to keep its Read More ›