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Peanut Butter usually with added salt, sugar and oil

pb on knife
March 29, 2015
Ingredients + Products
Why you have to read the ingredient list on nut butters Did you know over 80% of the time, peanut butter has more than just peanuts listed on its ingredient list?  Before I really got into what was in my food, and started reading ingredient lists, I naively assumed peanut butter on the shelf was Read More ›

Carrageenan: Why I avoid this organic ingredient

March 26, 2015
Ingredients + Tips
What is it anyways? Carrageenan is used in a range of products that can claim natural and organic because it is an ingredient derived from seaweed.   And just because you are shopping in Whole Foods or buying organic, you’re not necessarily avoiding carrageenan. How I found out about it Although I smile and my friends say I Read More ›