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Best Snacks for School

September 9, 2015

My son recently started school, and now needs lunch and two snacks for school-morning and afternoon.   In addition to the fruit we’ll pack for him, I visited the grocery store to explore other options to send as a snack for school.  While there are a lot of options, few of them are good.


Here’s are the few snacks for school I found with minimal ingredients, no artificial colors or preservatives and little to low sugar:


1. Jovial Einhorn Crackers

Replaces crackers for dips and munching.  Flavors include salt, cheese and rosemary.  No preservatives and taste great.


jovial crackers


2. Barbara’s Snackimals

Great replacement option for animal crackers.  Uses whole grain and has low sugar.  (Note: the chocolate and chocolate chip flavors contain Soy Lecithin and the Vanilla flavor contains mono calcium phosphate so I just buy the Oatmeal flavor).


barbara snackimals

3. Whole Foods 365 Rice Crackers

A great gluten free option that also free of preservatives and fillers.  Goes great with hummus.
365 rice crackers


What snacks do you send to school with your kids?

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