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Potato Chip Brands Deconstructed

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September 11, 2015
There are 173 brands of potato chips.  What does this mean for you? 7 brands dominate I looked at 173 brands ranging from the household names you know to boutique lines I had never heard of before. It really doesn’t matter. These 7 brands own ~50% of the products on the market: Lay’s Pringles Ruffles Kettle Read More ›

Best Snacks for School

snack food
September 9, 2015
My son recently started school, and now needs lunch and two snacks for school-morning and afternoon.   In addition to the fruit we’ll pack for him, I visited the grocery store to explore other options to send as a snack for school.  While there are a lot of options, few of them are good.   Here’s Read More ›