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What does removing artificial colors actually mean?

food dye
June 24, 2015
With the quantity of recent announcement by food companies  regarding the removal of artificial colors from products, it got me wondering just what removing artificial colors actually means for these products.   In the first six months of 2015, Nestle, Panera, Kraft, Hershey, McDonalds, and General Mills, all announced removal of artificial colors and flavors from at Read More ›

What I learned analyzing 3233 salad dressings

salad dressings
June 20, 2015
Dressings & Sauces + Products
Although a household staple, salad dressing averages ~19 ingredients. Do you know how your salad’s dressing?   History Store-bought salad dressings gradually became available when restaurants began packaging and selling their dressings in the 1920s.   As the decades passed, increasing focus on health and demand for convenience contributed to salad dressing sales.  In 1950 sales Read More ›

What analyzing 187 Baby Food Products Verified for Me

plum just
June 18, 2015
Baby food pouches may be the best invention ever.  However, reading these product’s labels may be the most important thing you do. My Story Idealism meets reality The idealist in me hoped to make all my son’s baby food from scratch.  However, the realist in me knew this wasn’t going to happen 100% of the time. Read More ›

Why I buy Siggi’s Vanilla Yogurt

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June 16, 2015
Brands Foodwise Likes + Yogurt
Pull any yogurt off the shelf wherever you shop for food (yes, including Whole Foods) and the range of sugar will astound you.  How do you find one that tastes good and is “good” for you? The Data I dug into over 2,741 yogurt and yogurt products to write my earlier yogurt posts about Plain, Greek Read More ›

10 Dirty Secrets about Food Labels

food label montage
June 12, 2015
Lists + Tips
Some of these are commonly known, while others are less publicly discussed. #1 and #2 really astound me. Read More ›

If you’re not careful, organic food labels can convince you to make bad decisions

organic junk food
June 10, 2015
Ingredients + Tips
We’ve all done it. Found a hack or shortcut to help us make easier decisions. According to researchers at Cornell University, the average person makes 226.7 decisions about food a day, so can we really blame ourselves?   Organic Food is Mainstream     Organic food sales in 2014 were $32 Billion and at 11% year over Read More ›

For Healthy Mac & Cheese: Buy Frozen?

mac and cheese 1
June 8, 2015
Ingredients + Pasta + Products
At the grocery store, macaroni and cheese comes boxed or frozen.  Read more to learn how I discovered which option of this comfort food to buy for my family. My Epiphany As my son began to eat solid food on a more regular basis, macaroni and cheese became a staple.  We ordered it from restaurant menus when we Read More ›