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Do Junk Food Ads Impact your Household?

kids tv ads
May 27, 2015
cereal + Products
On average children view 4000 Junk Food Ads Every Year influencing food preference and perceptions. Commercial Viewing Linked to Junk Food Consumption Research continues to prove a strong correlation between marketing of non-nutritious foods to children and their consumption.  A study by the University of Michigan shows children who regularly watched television commercials consumed more junk food than Read More ›

What I learned analyzing 3023 Cereals

cereal aisle
May 19, 2015
On the decline as America’s go-to breakfast food since the 1990s, cereal isn’t necessarily the healthiest option anyways   Cereal averages 19.2 ingredients! With an entire aisle often devoted to it, cereal provides us lots of options.  So many in fact that today an average cereal for sale in the grocery store contains from 1-61 ingredients!   Number Read More ›

What I learned from analyzing 746 Buns & Rolls

burgers and buns
May 12, 2015
If you eat buns or rolls with your hot dogs, hamburgers or other BBQ treats, you are likely eating extra ingredients, including sugar.   Grill Time Memorial Day weekend is synonymous with outdoor bbqs. Usually the protein often commands much of our attention and discussion and the buns and rolls are an after thought if Read More ›

White or Wheat Bread?

white vs wheat
May 10, 2015
Wheat or White? This is the question a waitress asks you order a breakfast dish that includes toast. This is the decision you make in the grocery store about what to use for your kids sandwiches.  What should you do?   A fascinating article in the Washington Post recently examined sales data in the bread Read More ›

MSG, Real Fruit Juice and Other Tricks in Our Food

collage of food
May 4, 2015
Ingredients + Tips
There  are many loopholes in the regulation of food additives in the US.  These gray areas enable food manufacturers to trick us in claims and with food labels. Use this list as a reference to make sure you are not falling into these top traps. “Real Fruit Juice”: Colorings and flavors are added to beverages Read More ›

5 Yogurt Buying Tips

collage of yogurts
May 3, 2015
Ingredients + Products + Yogurt
Yogurt is one of the items that gets a lot of ingredient list and label reading.  And for good reason.  I compiled these top tips for you to use the next time you go grocery shopping. Don’t assume plain or organic yogurts do not contain food additives : Analysis of 60% of the plain yogurts in US Read More ›

7 Common Sugar Synonyms

sugar synonyms
May 2, 2015
Sugar is sugar, but it doesn’t always go by the name sugar on food labels.  This is on purpose. Food companies have gotten smart and developed a range of ways to mask the presence of sugar in processed foods. When looking at ingredient lists, make sure to search for these top 7 sugar synonyms: Agave Read More ›